Standalone system description and usage

Standalone identification system for small installations. This system allows password-based NFC identification without the need of superior ACS system

Standalone system description and usage

Postby Karel » Thu May 30, 2013 10:05 pm

Where to use the standalone version?
It is best for small sites with a very small number of users equipped with NFC mobile phones. All users in such group have the same identifier and can therefore access the same areas.
Mutual trust among all the users is essential. It is therefore best suiting to flats, family houses etc.

How does it work?
Identification is based only on the pairing key, user ID number is not used in this system. All users have the same pairing key set in their identification app and there is no option to differentiate between them.
When the user taps his phone on the reader, pairing key gets verified and if correct a smart module gets contacted to open the door.

What are the components?
Two essential components are:
NFCporter reader
Smart module
Other components needed for the system to work:
User mobile phones with NFC technology
12V power supply or adapter
Electromagnetic door lock

What are the pros' and cons'?
The easiest and cheapest usage of NFC technology to open doors
The pairing key must be changed each time a user losts his phone. As all users use the same identifier, it cannot be managed individually
Standard contactless identification cards cannot be used in this system, only NFC mobile handsets
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