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Initial settings

Postby administrator03 » Thu May 30, 2013 9:17 pm

When the NFCporter Identification app is run for the first time after installation it asks for two settings:

Pairing key:
The pairing key is a key recorded in the NFCporter readers which ensures a system will communicate only with mobile phones assigned to it. The key is specific to each installation so that all readers and all mobile phones within the installation site have the same pairing key.
For security reasons is the pairing key usually not public, so it has to be set by the site administrator.

Identification number:
It is a unique user identification number. For the system to work, this number must be saved in the mobile phone and in the Access Control System database.
When the user taps his NFC mobile phone on an NFCporter reader, the phone sends his identification number to the reader. The reader immediately sends it to a superior system for user rights validation.
In the superior Access Control System (ACS), the ID number gets verified against a user rights database (DB) and if present in the DB, the ACS takes a pre-set action (opens door lock etc.).
The identification number therefore needs to be assigned by the ACS administrator to each user individually.

In case that you are using the standalone variant of NFCporter system, then only the Pairing key field needs to be set. The standalone system only verifies the pairing key and if it is valid, it does not control the indentification number any more. More about the standalone system here:
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