Communication and Reading variants

How to find the right reader to buy? Description of Wiegand communication variants and ID reading formats

Communication and Reading variants

Postby Karel » Thu May 30, 2013 10:32 pm

Reader communication interfaces - protocols used for communication between NFCporter reader and superior Access Control System
Wiegand (26bit, 32bit, 56bit), RS232 (9,6kbit, 19,2kbit and 115kbit). Other variants may be developed on demand.

Identification number reading format - unique number stored in ID cards and NFCporter Identification App used for user identification and rights management

Card sector reading - unique number stored inside a secured area of an identification card

The problem
The reader is designed to be universally connectable to majority of Access Control Systems (ACS) by using the Wiegand communication protocol.
The wiegand protocol has however many different versions and the reader has to use the correct one otherwise is will not communicate with the ACS.

It is therefore essential to know which type of Wiegand protocol your ACS uses before buying the NFCporter readers and then ordering the correct version.
Tested Identification systems and control units can be found in this thread: viewforum.php?f=11

Another source of trouble is the reading format of the identification number. It can be read from the beginning, from the end or leaving out some bits. If you are setting up a new user database (DB), then this does not matter and you only need a PC reader with the same format as our readers are using to be able to enter the identifiers correctly into the DB.
However if you already have a user DB or a working ACS system and you only want to extend it with NFCporter, then the NFCporter readers need to be programmed to the same format as is currently used by the ACS. This is generally not a problem, but it must be sorted out before the order.
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