Settings and configuration

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Settings and configuration

Postby Karel » Thu May 30, 2013 11:21 pm

The purpose of NFCporter Configuration App is to assign and save a Pairing key into the NFCporter readers.

This initial setting can be carried out using any NFC mobile phone with installed NFCporter Configuration App. It can be the same phone that will later be used for user identification using NFCporter Identification App.
The NFCporter Configuration App can be downloaded from Google Play for €4 using this link: ________________________________

Initial Setting
When setting the system for the first time, please follow these steps:
1) All readers must be connected and running
2) NFCporter Configuration App must be installed in the mobile phone
3) Run the Configuration App and enter a secure key of your choice. We advice to use at least 8-digit hexadecimal code.
4) Tap each reader by the phone and wait for configuration to complete. It takes approximately 2 seconds.
5) Use the same key for all readers in the system or area.
6) Set the pairing key to all NFCporter user identification apps
7) Keep the code secret to eliminate possible security breach

System re-setting
If a mobile phone is lost or the security code gets public, it is time to reset the system and choose a new code.
1) To reset a reader, connect cables 1, 2 and 3 and while connected reset the power. The reader starts blinking red diode is ready to be set with a new code
2) Follow steps 2-5 from Initial Setting procedure
3) Reinstall all user NFCporter Identification applications and set a new key after the first start of the application
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Settings and configuration

Postby Julieunardy » Mon Jul 29, 2019 1:54 pm

I would like the ability to automaticly backup settings and bookmarks to a location of my choosing. Also being able to choose when/how often it does this such as each time the program starts or after choosing to close the app it does a quick backup.
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